Ask the Etiquette Masters: Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Q. Who should receive an invitation to the rehearsal dinner?

A. For this etiquette question, we went straight to the experts at Brides who agree that who receives a rehearsal dinner invitation depends on the formality of your event. Enjoy!

While rehearsal dinners aren’t confined to any traditions or formalities, who gets an invite is. A rehearsal dinner, after all, is a more exclusive event before the big day and welcomes all of your closest family and friends to the festivities. But, with your wedding day ahead, who should get an invite to this pre-nuptials gathering (How many friends? Your officiant? Out-of-town guests?) and when is it appropriate to send it out? Cue our etiquette experts, here to answer all your rehearsal-dinner guest dilemmas and questions.

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