Current Crush: Faux Hand Lettering

There’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. The very fact that someone took the time to sit down, thoughtfully plan out what they wanted to say, and write it by hand says a lot in our digital age where almost nothing is on paper.

Your wedding invitation is no exception! The look and feel of a wedding invitation with calligraphy is second to none. But sometimes, time and budget don’t allow for traditional calligraphy on a stationery suite. Fortunately, a bride can capture this same vibe with a faux hand lettering font!

Beautiful Love

It’s no surprise this is one of Persnickety’s current stationery crushes. There is definitely a hand lettering style for every couple and every wedding, and not only are they a beautiful way to create a stunning stationery suite, they’re budget friendly in that brides can forgo traditional calligraphy.

Persnickety is thrilled to offer an enormous variety of hand lettering inspired fonts for both our album and custom invitations. Some fonts are heavy handed and resemble the look of a paintbrush. Others are light and airy with scrolls and scripts. Whatever aesthetic you want to capture for your big day, Persnickety can help you create!

Below are just a few of our favorites from our Carlson Craft collections. Keep in mind you can change fonts, inks, and some paper colors so that each invitation is uniquely yours!

See an invitation you’re head over heels with? Let Persnickety help make it absolutely yours. To search our entire Carlson Craft collection or to schedule your appointment with an invitation specialist, visit Persnickety’s website here. Happy invitation hunting!

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