Current Crush: Polka Dots

polka dot drink coasters

Why do we love polka dots on wedding stationery? Let us count the ways.

Incorporating this fun, timeless pattern into your paper suite is an excellent way to flaunt a distinct style, and it is so easy to play with!

Any colors can be used in these poppy designs; you can opt for the classic black-and-white polka dots or use bright, bold colors in combination with other unique designs and motifs.

polka dot invitation

Artsy Dots

Even if you prefer an invitation that leans toward the traditional style, toying with other elements in your paper suite, like a polka dot envelope liner or seal, can brighten up the pieces with ease. This is one reason why we adore polka dots- there’s just so much you can do with them!

Follow the dots to crush on just a few of our favorite polka dotted invitation suite designs! All of these fun invitations can be customized to match with your big day. Choose your wording, your fonts, and your ink colors and make each one entirely yours!

See a design that you’re head over heels for? Let Persnickety help you find the perfect invitation that will make your wedding celebration stand in the spotlight. Schedule here to make your appointment with an invitation specialist today! 


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