Current Crush: Watercolors

Delicate, subtle, memorable, and gorgeous: all reasons why Persnickety is currently crushing on the stationery theme of watercolors. Though nothing new to the world of art, this year’s brides have been falling in love over and over again with this invitation style as it sets out to make its mark in the 2017 and 2018 wedding seasons.

Blushing Blossom

Our brides are really trying to incorporate the soft color palette and romantic artwork into their entire wedding stationery suite, from the invitation to the day-of accessories. It’s an effortless way to create a memorable wedding invitation… no wonder everyone is falling in love with it!

Boho Botanicals

Watercolors are the perfect twisting of modern and traditional stationery styles, especially for brides who are tired of seeing the same fonts and designs on invitations. Watercolors can encompass the design of the suite or be created entirely out of text; the options for design with this stunning art technique are endless.

Our crush on watercolors stems from the fact that this style pleases everyone; there are tons of ways to keep the invitation simple, elegant, and traditional, but there are also an equal amount of ways to incorporate a modern watercolor feel. Some are ultra girly while some will also please the groom (I suppose we have to let them have a say too!).

Blushing Watercolor

We’ve included just a few of our favorites from our Carlson Craft and Envelopments collections below for you to crush on, all of which are available through our studio. Click here to schedule your appointment with Katie or Liz to find the watercolor that best suits your big day or event.

And if you haven’t seen Persnickety’s custom watercolor work on our Instagram stories or page, check out Melissa’s beautiful watercolor creation here! It’s a map of all the beautiful locations in Hershey we created for a couple’s big day.

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