Favors: Falling In or Out of Favor?

Do I really have to give wedding favors to my guests?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions our brides ask when coming in for their appointments. One of the great services we offer here at persnickety is walking you step-by-step through the accessory process, matching your typestyles, themes, and colors from your invitation, and this includes your wedding favors, the little trinkets you give to your guests in appreciation for attending your big day.

But this is the great debate in the wedding world: is it necessary to give wedding favors? Is it an old-fashioned, outdated custom, or is it a polite, thankful gesture? And, to complicate things even more, what do you actually give your guests that they will appreciate and that will be memorable? We’ve weighed in, and here’s our advice on whether or not giving favors is favorable.

It is not mandatory to give wedding favors for your guests.

It is absolutely not necessary to give out wedding favors; it is a matter of choice, but culture and custom do play a large role in whether or not a favor is given. Brides especially opt to forgo favors if they are on a tight budget, and this is completely acceptable. But there are many ways to give a thoughtful send-off without dropping a fortune on favors that are still thoughtful and useful.

Consider making a charitable donation in lieu of favors.

This is by far one of the most popular options brides are choosing to give their guests instead of favors. Determine what your budget for favors would be, and instead of actually purchasing something, donate that money to the charity most meaningful to you. We can help you design and word a fabulous card to best convey this to your guests.

Puppy Love Donation Card

Puppy Love Donation Card


One of our favorite charity donation ideas comes from The Knot. Instead of donating to just one charity, consider three or four charities you’d like to donate to, and have your guests cast a vote on your wedding day. The charity with the most votes receives the highest donation, the second charity receives the second highest donation, and so on. It’s a great way to celebrate your big day without the extra expense of objects your guests won’t be able to use. For more ideas, check out The Knot’s Real Couple’s Donation Stories.


Let’s face it- no one wants those useless tchotchkes with your wedding date on it. There are many ways you can reinvent the favor while still keeping your budget in check. From delicious homemade treats to eco-friendly materials, there are tons of ways to offer your guests something they’ll adore. Here’s a few favor ideas we’ve seen in the past that our brides are still talking about.

Need more ideas? Check out some of our favorites from Bride Magazine.

Do we have to hand out Wedding Favors?

Do I really have to give Wedding Favors?

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