Invitations Inserts 101: When Should Guests RSVP?

RSVPs are a vital tool in the wedding planning process. Not only do they indicate whether or not guests plan to attend your wedding, they also note the meal choices of what attending guests wish to eat or (for more modern brides) what song from the DJ they would love to hear.

Without RSVPs, you have the potential to be sucked into the dark vortex known as limbo where you’re can’t quite move forward in seating arrangements or final guest counts because you don’t know the answers to the important “who” and “how many” questions.

One way to avoid this dark hole of confusion is allotting your wedding guests a specific amount of time to respond back and let you know if they can celebrate with you!

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#1 Mistake of RSVPS

One of the most common mistakes Persnickety sees in wedding invitations overall is mailing your invitations too early. Giving your guests too much time to respond runs the risk of them forgetting to mail back their responses and has the potential to ruin your final guest count.

So when should you ask for your guests to respond by? Persnickety recommends at least 30 days in advance of your wedding date. Because many venues need a final count about two weeks in advance, requesting RSVPs 30 days ahead of time will give you at least two weeks to track down any stragglers who have yet to respond.

However, you definitely need to consult your venue to see what date they require a final count by . . . some venues do require a count earlier than two weeks.

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For destination weddings, the RSVPs are required a little earlier than 30 days. Ideally, you will have sent your Save the Dates a year in advance and invitations at least six months in advance, so guests can begin saving and making airline and hotel accommodations. You’ll need final RSVPs about 8 weeks ahead of your destination wedding date.

So keep in mind the magic number: 30 days ahead of your wedding day is when you want guests to RSVP. For additional advice on when to mail Save the Dates and invitations and other vital wedding stationery timeline dates, check out Persnickety’s I’m Engaged, Now What? blog post!

And if you have specific questions related to your wedding stationery, Persnickety would love to help. Schedule your appointment with a member of our team here!

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