Budget Friendly Sep ‘n Send Invitations

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It is possible to have a beautiful, unique, and memorable wedding invitation without breaking the bank with one of our Sep ‘n Send invitations!

Persnickety is thrilled to offer a wide array of unique and gorgeous wedding invitations in our studio, including stunning invitations for the budget conscious bride. You do not need to splurge to have a memorable, one-of-a-kind invitation that your guests will be raving about.

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In a previous blog post, we introduced you to our Seal ‘n Send collections; stunning self-mailers that require no RSVP or mailing envelopes. Now meet the cousin to the Seal ‘n Send- the Sep ‘n Send!

What is a Sep ‘n Send?

While Seal ‘n Sends are one of Persnickety’s most popular invitation options, not all brides are thrilled by the idea of going without a mailing and RSVP envelope in their paper suite. The Sep ‘n Send, or the separate-and-send, is a great option for brides looking for something more on the traditional side but want to stay within their budget.

Each invitation suite includes the invitation, the RSVP card, the RSVP envelope, the reception or accommodations card, and the mailing envelope. The invitations come as one sheet and are considered one press run because the invitation, RSVP, and reception/accommodations are printed on one 8.5″ x 11″ sheet, as opposed to several smaller 3.5″ x 5″ cards.

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Love That’s True

The beauty of this budget friendly option is in the lack of cutting. All the pieces are micro-perforated on the sides. So all you have to do is break them, and voila! You have a gorgeous invitation suite!

Below are just a few of Persnickety’s Sep ‘n Send crushes. Each can be customized to match your personality and style. You can swap out papers, choose ink, and there are even foil options, all while keep costs low!

Ready to make one of these Sep ‘n Send invitations uniquely yours? Schedule your appointment with an invitation specialist here, and let Persnickety help you fall in love with these lovely little invitations.


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