Normal life is already busy. Planning a wedding on top of everything else you have to do is enough to drive a bride to madness! Why not make it easy on yourself and let Persnickety address your gorgeous invitations for you? Persnickety is pleased to offer digital and hand addressing services in our studio. We can address any type of invitation you need- weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties- you name it! We try to match ink colors and… Read more »

One style of invitation that Persnickety brides continue to fall in love with is a cut above the rest… or an “uncut” to be exact, and that’s with deckled edging. Deckled edging is a classic papermaking technique that is seen on the edges of books, paper, and stationery. It is the rough, uncut edges that border the invitation, resulting in a soft, feather-like edge, often looking like the paper has not been cut at the edges. When you hold the… Read more »

If a completely elegant and luxurious invitation is your wedding dream, consider having your wedding stationery created with the classic printing techniques of painted – or, hand gilded – edging. Crane & Co. are the master artisans when it comes to specialty printing, and have been for centuries. They’ve recently provided some great videos depicting a behind-the-scenes look at the painstaking detail they undertake when it comes to creating the perfect painted edge invitations. Check the videos out to get an idea of… Read more »

Traditional etiquette plays an enormous role in how Persnickety words every piece of a bride’s invitation suite. Even brides who opt for more unique or modern wording are interested in the tradition behind their wedding invitation, and there are always plenty of questions! To help, we’ve gone straight to the experts at the Emily Post Institute for their help in a series of new posts called Ask the Etiquette Masters. Here we’ll delve into those tricky etiquette questions brides have about… Read more »