Get With the Program!

A wedding program is one of those little details that make your wedding day even more memorable.

Not only can they be kept as a keepsake and as a record of the ceremony, they also help your guests be more involved and understand what is happening during the wedding itself.

Ceremony programs also help to explain the relationships of the individuals participating in the wedding to the bride and groom.

The more guests are involved, the more likely they are to enjoy themselves! Persnickety can help you customize your program and help you create a memorable keepsake for your best day ever.

skyrim wedding ceremony program
Aric and Kayla’s gorgeous Skyrim inspired ceremony booklet

Keeping It in Style

First things first- what style of program is your favorite?!

The two most popular type of programs from Persnickety are the booklet programs or the thin sheet programs.

The booklet programs are just as their name sounds- they open like a book! This style of programs is particularly helpful for couples who are having formal religious ceremonies that require specific explanations or instructions regarding the order of ceremony.

square ceremony booklet program wedding accessories
Eddie and Kimberly’s ceremony booklet programs. Photo by Brianna Wilbur Photography.

They also are a great option for couples that have a lot of information they want to share with their guests.

Persnickety can add pages to your ceremony booklet, tied perfectly with your choice of colored ribbon, so guests have the cutest little book to follow along.

The thin sheets are great for the short-and-sweet ceremonies that might just require the order of ceremony and wedding party.

This style of ceremony program is great for couples who want to help guests follow along with their wedding but don’t need to be too specific.

ceremony program floral watercolor
Amy and Justin’s custom ceremony program- thin sheet on textured paper

Thin sheet programs are typically double-sided with your choice of design and ink. Persnickety can even attach a ribbon to the top for that perfect finishing touch.

What do I Include in my Program?

So, what do I put in my ceremony programs anyway? The choice is totally up to you. These are some of the most commonly included items found in Persnickety’s ceremony programs:

  • Your names (including middle names)
  • The date
  • Location of ceremony
  • An outline of the ceremony (order of events)
  • Titles of readings and songs
  • Name of officiant
  • Names of wedding party members and their relation to the couple
  • Names of others involved in the ceremony (readers, soloists, musicians, etc.)
Stacked booklet ceremony program with satin ribbon for Maddie and Ben

Some extra information you might want to consider adding are:

  • Dedications and thank yous
  • Remembrance of loved ones who have passed away
  • Words to readings, songs or vows
  • Directions from the ceremony to the reception
  • Foreign translations
  • Explanations of any cultural or religious traditions
  • Favorite poem or quote
  • Your wedding monogram

You will want to decide how formal and what format you would like your programs to appear in approximately one month before the wedding.

We also suggest that you designate someone to pass out the programs on your wedding day. This assures that one program is given per couple or one per group instead of per individual, keeping the number of programs you need to order and their costs down.

Ready to get started creating the ceremony program of your dreams? It only takes less than an hour to get started! Schedule your accessories appointment with Persnickety today.

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