One of the perks of working with an invitation specialist at Persnickety is the guidance they offer when it comes to invitation wording etiquette. We understand that wording information properly on your wedding invitation is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to listing the parents and stepparents of the bride and groom. There are many unique family situations we encounter on a daily basis, and we offer options of how to best guide our brides into choosing the… Read more »

Normal life is already busy. Planning a wedding on top of everything else you have to do is enough to drive a bride to madness! Why not make it easy on yourself and let Persnickety address your gorgeous invitations for you? Persnickety is pleased to offer digital and hand addressing services in our studio. We can address any type of invitation you need- weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties- you name it! We try to match ink colors and… Read more »

This is one of the most frequently asked questions brides ask when ordering their day-of stationery, and it is also one of the most debated topics in wedding etiquette. While we at Persnickety believe in the writing-them-as-quickly-as-possible method, other wedding professionals differ in how long you have to show your gratitude. It can definitely cause confusion for a bride! So Persnickety went straight to the experts at the Emily Post Institute, the experts in all things etiquette, for the best… Read more »

With an infinite amount of options to choose from, deciding on a wedding invitation is tricky. Choosing whether to go with an album invitation or a custom invitation can make the decision even more of a challenge! What do we mean by an album invitation? Persnickety is pleased to offer several lines of invitation designs from different national manufacturers, including Carlson Craft, Designers’ Fine Press, William Arthur, and Crane brands. We have 40+ albums of predesigned invitation sets from these… Read more »

Wedding planning is a sort of a numbers game. Not only do brides need to know the number of guests to invite, but they also have to keep tabs on how many are planning to attend, how many are unable to attend, how many are making accommodations, how many a venue can hold, how many bridesmaids and groomsmen to have, how many have special dietary restrictions to cater to, how many to order cake for, how many have sent a… Read more »

RSVPs are a vital tool in the wedding planning process. Not only do they indicate whether or not guests plan to attend your wedding, they also note the meal choices of what attending guests wish to eat or (for more modern brides) what song from the DJ they would love to hear. Without RSVPs, you have the potential to be sucked into the dark vortex known as limbo where you’re can’t quite move forward in seating arrangements or final guest counts because… Read more »

We hear it time and again from our brides: there’s nothing scarier than ordering wedding invitations and stationery online. It can turn into a true horror story. Many of our brides first began their search for invitations online shortly after their engagement in order to get a feel for style and pricing. But so many have expressed becoming completely inundated with choices when it comes to choosing inks, papers, and fonts. . . but having little guidance in making these… Read more »

Q. Is it ever okay to include which stores and websites I’m registered at on my wedding invitation? A. The simple answer is no. No, no, no. In fact, Persnickety avoids listing the registry information on ANY of the pieces of an invitation set, including the details card. Listing it is like nails on a chalkboard for us! And here’s why. It’s customary that anyone who is invited to your wedding, whether they can attend or not, brings or sends… Read more »

As we like to say here at Persnickety, April bridal showers bring May brides. May is one of our most popular months for weddings, and that means that many family members and friends of brides will be busy this month hosting bridal showers! However, the etiquette for planning and hosting bridal showers can be a bit tricky, so we’ve outlined a few of the top most frequently asked questions when it comes to bridal shower etiquette.   Hosting Traditionally, the… Read more »

The terminology for wedding stationery can be confusing! From the reception card to the details information to the menu to the place cards… it can be overwhelming to a couple who already have so many decisions to make. But don’t worry! Persnickety is here to help, and in this post, we are breaking down the differences between those little cards that seem so similar to one another- the wedding place card and escort card. So, what are they? Place cards… Read more »

Congratulations! You’ve climbed and conquered the mountain known as wedding invitation wording. Your guests know who is engaged to be married (hopefully they knew this before!), the date, the time, and the location of the ceremony. Great job! Now you only have a few more hills to sprint, and those hills include figuring out how to communicate all the other vital information your guests need to know regarding your big day. This is one of of the most frequently asked… Read more »

Q. Who should receive an invitation to the rehearsal dinner? A. For this etiquette question, we went straight to the experts at Brides who agree that who receives a rehearsal dinner invitation depends on the formality of your event. Enjoy! While rehearsal dinners aren’t confined to any traditions or formalities, who gets an invite is. A rehearsal dinner, after all, is a more exclusive event before the big day and welcomes all of your closest family and friends to the festivities…. Read more »

Now that the holidays are over and the decorations are going back into the attic, do you have a stack of thank you notes to write for all the fabulous gifts from family and friends? Are you putting it off because you’re just unsure of what to say? Don’t worry! You’re not alone, and Persnickety is here to help. There is nothing quite like getting a handwritten message of thanks in the mail, especially in the age of texting and… Read more »

Congratulations! He popped the question, slid the diamond on your finger, and you’re officially engaged. Once all the excitement begins to settle, one major question starts to bounce around in a bride’s head. Now what? One of the services you receive at Persnickety is expert advice regarding your wedding invitations and accessories, including a personalized timeline we create to help answer your questions about when you should order and mail your invitations. Below is a basic timeline to help you… Read more »

Do I really have to give wedding favors to my guests? This is one of the most frequently asked questions our brides ask when coming in for their appointments. One of the great services we offer here at persnickety is walking you step-by-step through the accessory process, matching your typestyles, themes, and colors from your invitation, and this includes your wedding favors, the little trinkets you give to your guests in appreciation for attending your big day. But this is… Read more »

It’s no secret that the world of wedding invitations can be overwhelming to brides. It’s a little like stepping into an enormous mega-store of paper, color, and design options; you can literally choose everything and anything! It’s enough to make your head spin or freeze with indecision. That’s where Persnickety comes in! Persnickety prides itself on giving expert advice to all of our brides and walking with them as they make tiny baby steps through the invitation process, helping them find… Read more »

Q. How do I address my wedding invitation to a gay or lesbian couple? A. There are a few ways to address your wedding invitation to a gay or lesbian couple, and it depends on the formality of your invitation. If the couple is unmarried but living together, you would address the outer envelope as you would traditionally: one name per line in alphabetical order by last name. Mr. Andrew Jones Mr. Kevin Marbury 2577 South Queen Street York, Pennsylvania… Read more »

Anyone who is married or is in the process of wedding planning can attest to the fact that brides today put so much time into the creation of a beautiful wedding stationery set. They pour their heart and soul into choosing the perfect suite that will match the theme, tone, colors, and individual personalities of their special day. Persnickety absolutely adores playing a role in this process, and we want your invitations to arrive in the exact state in which they are meant…. Read more »

Q. A few individuals on my wedding guest list are single. How do I properly convey when addressing their envelopes that they are allowed to bring a guest? A. Before we delve into the question, let’s look at the two types of envelopes that need to be addressed for your wedding invitations. Traditionally, stationery suites include two envelopes: an outer envelope and an inner envelope. The outer envelope is where the guest’s name and address appear, as well as your… Read more »

As always, Persnickety is closely following trends in wedding stationery, and we’ve noticed one of the absolutely musts of 2016 is sending out a Save the Date card. Save the Dates come in a variety of styles, but the most popular this year have been the Save the Date magnets and scratch-off lottery style cards. And with more and more brides planning a destination wedding or a wedding that falls on a holiday weekend, Save the Dates are a fabulous way to… Read more »

Traditional etiquette plays an enormous role in how Persnickety words every piece of a bride’s invitation suite. Even brides who opt for more unique or modern wording are interested in the tradition behind their wedding invitation, and there are always plenty of questions! To help, we’ve gone straight to the experts at the Emily Post Institute for their help in a series of new posts called Ask the Etiquette Masters. Here we’ll delve into those tricky etiquette questions brides have about… Read more »

Persnickety had so much fun last year designing numerous beautiful, elegant, quirky, and whimsical ceremony programs for our 2015 brides. Brides this year have been all over the map with programs they adore; we have created programs from the delicate and traditional to the bold colored, ultra modern, and as always, we’re looking ahead to the rest of the 2016 wedding season. We’re so excited to see these upcoming trends in wedding programs for our 2016 brides, and we think you’ll love them too…. Read more »

  Properly addressing the inner and outer envelopes of your invitation can be tricky. With so many etiquette rules and unique relationship situations, it can be confusing when you sit down to actually begin addressing. Having an inner and outer envelope for your invitation is actually a tradition that can be traced back at least to the 18th century. Invitations were hand-delivered by servants and footmen of the aristocracy in France and England during this time, so the outer envelope… Read more »